Lost ALL user created songs in BBM!! How do I restore??!!

Wow! This is a complete disaster!! My computer rebooted on it’s own (forced Windows update reboot) and after restart and reopening BBM I had lost everything but the default content. All of the downloaded songs and drum sets and songs I created were ALL gone! I checked the content on the pedal itself and all the added content is still there, of course. I have been able able to transfer drum sets from the pedal back into BBM, so, now I can see in BBM all the drum sets I added. I have tried to transfer songs from the SD card to BBM default_lib>songs but BBM won’t recognize them. I know I can just redownload the beats packages I got from the premium content library, so, not concerned about those.
Please help me figure out how to get the songs created by me and other users from the SD card back into BBM!

In BBManager, open the project from the SD card. Do a ‘save as’ back to the computer. That should transfer the entire contents of the SD card to the computer.

Well, thanks, but that didn’t work. I even uninstalled BBM then downloaded it and installed it again then tried to save project again from the SD card opened content in BBM but that did not work either. I don’t have a SD card reader (nor can I afford to buy one), so, I can’t do any work in BBM unless I have the pedal connected to the computer via USB and I absolutely hate that. (my computer is in a separate room from my music room where the pedal resides, or needs to reside, that is). I just want to get back to where I can load all my previous content from my computer into BBM independent of the SD card.

Can you be more specific about what you did and what happened?

If you are able to download files to your BBM (USB cord I assume) you should be able to sync from the BB pedal. I did the same thing last night but I was able to recover most of it. My files for all of my creations were still there so I simply had to rebuild them.

If you are still experiencing issues with the BeatBuddy Manager, please email us at support@mybeatbuddy.com - we will be more than glad to check out what’s going on in detail and assist you further. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. I finally got things straightened out thanks to some information in another user’s thread in one of the other forum categories. So, now I am able to to edit songs and add new songs in BBM w/o having to USB the pedal to the computer. Back to normal now, thank God!