Lost BB sound...visual just fine

So…long story short…after many attempts at trying to create a project and transfer said project to BB, I ended up reformatting my card and downloading SD content from the download page to make a fresh start. It took forever, and I had to shave a few times, but I finally got the default folders installed. I fired her up and lo and behold, although everything looks right as rain, there is no sound via headphones or line out!
Suggestions welcome.

Most likely an SD card content issue.
I have no idea why it took you forever, as it’s 2-5 minutes maximum to download the fresh content from the site, no longer than 15-25 seconds to erase all the SD card content and put an unpacked folders to there.

I would recommend you start it over.

Attempt 1. Take this as a guide - http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/index.php?threads/white-screen.1981/#post-8550

If that doesn’t help,
Attempt 2. Do the following steps - http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/index.php?threads/lost-power.1398/#post-5268

I am attempting this again, although I’m using the original card which has been reformatted. This is my second try today and something must be up with my card, or I’m a victim of myself. Just to be clear, the Final Content SD file is downloaded into WinRar, and then extracted a folder at a time into the SD card…right? If this is correct, it took about 20 minutes! Shorter than last night, but way longer than your estimate.After I do this, the BB displays the current firmware number even without downloading it. Sorry to be dense, but very frustrated. Thanks.

I FINALLY got my BB to come back to life after “dragging” the folders from the Final Content to the SD card, after attempting to “extract” them to the SD card. Why this should make a difference, I don’t know. Just add it to my list of stuff “I dunno” :slight_smile: