Lost Blues Folder


I was in the process of Importing and Exporting songs to the manager when I accidently either moved or deleted the Blues song folder. All the others are there as well as the set list that I created. Is there anyway to just find and replace the blues folder without having to erase the SD card and start over. I would hate to lose the work I’ve already completed.


You should be able to restore it using the midi loops file in the downloads area which points to the following location.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/p4lbjzhpllir8 … 2.rar?dl=0


This is pretty tricky, but I can help you out.

Download the content from http://mybeatbuddy.com/downloads/.
Unpack it, and go to the SONGS folder.
You should see a mess of folders like ADBC84FE. One of those are Blues folder.
To find out which one, open CONFIG.CFG there with your favorite text editor. I use Notepad.
Find the line with the “Blues” in there. Most likely, it is going to be “165DA150,1. Blues”. This means 165DA150 is your necessary folder with Blues songs.

I recommend you to simply rename your chosen folder to XXXXXXXX (name doesn’t matter, as it will be mangled again when opened with BBManager later). Copy this folder to clipboard (press Ctrl+C).

Now you need to paste it to your own project. I hope you know where it is located on your local hard drive. Open it, and head to SONGS folder in there. Paste it there (press Ctrl+V). Note, you are not done yet!
In order for your new Blues folder to be opened with BBManager, you need to register it in CONFIG.CFG in your project’s SONGS folder. So open the CONFIG.CFG with text editor, and type “XXXXXXXX,1337. Blews hacked” without quotes on the last line. Note, that XXXXXXXX should match the name of the folder you’ve added via paste, and after comma you need to add any number (it will be corrected by BBManager, so no need to worry - dot - space - and any arbitrary text string with the displayed name of the folder in hardware BeatBuddy. To avoid problems, USE ONLY ENGLISH ALPHABET AND NUMBERS!


The above would work however a simpler solution would be to export the folders you have created (hopefully not too many) and then recreate the SD Card following the instructions above. Reimport the project and then reimport the folders you exported.


Actually, yeah. But I’m just sharing what is easier for me :slight_smile:

To be honest, the best option out there would be to:

  1. Save and close the project with deleted Blues folder
  2. Download and open the official project.
  3. Export Blues folder from there, and close it.
  4. Open your project from point 1, and import the folder to there.

Thanks, Psalm40, two heads are better than one! :slight_smile:


That would work too :wink: So many different solutions.