Lost Comm lIVE - capturing live performances

Hi Guys, Jerry here again a 1 year Beat Buddy user. Don’t have to tell you how the powerful little drum peddle enhanced Lost Comm’s live performances I see you already know and use it wisely yourself. Wanted to share this video clip medley of a recent Friday night gig and start a discussion on live capture. The audio here was captured on a USB hard drive plugged into our QSC Touch 16 mixer. Not meaning to write a review but with this mixer you can use the same basic EQ tricks that tracking and mastering DAW’s use and translate it during your live performance to mix any room. Another live capture trick we use is to set a separate monitor send and cable the stereo mix to a GoPro. Only problem with a monitor mix is the mix is final but can be cleaned up in your DAW (Pro Tools, Garauge Band, Logix…). Free audio applications like Audacity work great to do quick and simple clean up mastering of your live performances. If you download Audacity don’t forget to also download LAME so you can export to MP3.

Love to hear from you guys and keep the live performance videos coming. Performing live is what it’s all about. All the new drum plugins sound great for recording but for performing live it’s hard to beat a drum peddle at your feet. I’ve got two Beat Buddy’s and BOSS FS-6 dual switching peddles for backup.