Lost everything on SD card

Chip I lost everything on my sd card. Cannot open anything.

Hi, Gerard. Start thinking about what you might have done to cause the loss. Sometimes it’s due to using a period or other special characters in a song or folder name.

Here’s a starting point to recover the stuff on your SD card. I assume you’re still using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and if so, try this:

  • Insert SD card in your computer slot reader;
  • Do you still have folders and songs in your BBM?
    • If not, stop here and let me know.
  • Do you have a backup SD card?
    • If you do, stop and let me know.
  • If you still have folders and songs in your BBM, make sure none of the song or folder titles have a period like Mrs. Robinson or 1. Mrs Robinson; if so, get rid of the period.
  • Use the BBM File - Export - Project to SD card; it’ll take a few minutes for the export to complete; accept the prompt for future synchronizations to this card.
  • Insert the card in your pedal and power it up and try playing some of the songs or beats.

PS. I started a new thread by moving your post here.

Chip my problem is I haven’t used bb for a couple of years and at my age I forget a lot of stuff. I’ve been playing acoustically for the last ten years at a lodge, so very rarely would I use bb. My son encouraged me to start using it again but I did something and wiped everything out. I think I’m gonna need you to take over my computer again. Right now I have nothing. My son is an IT for the school board . He understands computers but is not interested in learning about bb😉. He’s too busy

I’ll send you a forum DM (direct message) later today to make arrangements.

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Thanks my friend :heart: