Lost headphone function

Using BB Manager, I successfully created songlist folder, export/imported a couple songs, edited the songs, and syncronized with pedal. I then imported an sng file to BB Manager but when I attempted to sync to the pedal, the sd card files and folders were destroyed. So I got the sd card backup archive and restored the sd card files. The pedal now appears to be working but the headphone output no longer functions. Thoughts?

Are you sure your headphone output worked previously? I don’t think there could be a theoretical connection between your actions and this hardware issue you are having.

Try contacting support at contact@mybeatbuddy.com.

Yeah, it was working previously. The headphone output is the only output I have been using. I do recall a slight dropoff in max volume before I had to do the sd card restore. I was just hoping there might be some reason other than the bb unit being defective to explain the failure. Thanks for your quick response.

What about headphones volume? Is the plastic disk in place and has not fallen inside the unit?
Just an idea to double check.

The “plastic disk” is in place and functions normally according to the display. You see headphone volume increase and decrease in the display as you turn the “disk” but no sound from the headphone output.
BTW, I contacted support using link you provided but have gotten no response.

Usually about 95% BeatBuddy problems are related with the SD card. While you are waiting for a support response, you could try getting another SD card, downloading a clean content from downloads page, and inserting that SD card with clean content and see what happens.

I bought some new SD cards and did what you suggested…it worked. Maybe there is something wrong with the original SD card, but a new one worked. Thanks for the suggestion.
Now, is there a way to synchronize the content in my BB Manager with the new SD card content?

That’s cool it is working for you now!

Yes, sure. Use Export Project to Pedal the first time instead of synchronize. Point to the SD card, overwrite if asked.

By the way, I don’t think your original SD card totally broke. Try simply format it, and put the content onto it. There is a good chance it will work again.

As it turns out, I tried doing a long format on the original SD card and reloaded the BB folders. The Beat Buddy pedal did indeed work, but each time I tried to export project to Pedal, I had the original issue occur. The export would hang up trying to export the Effects folder, then lose recognition of the SD card drive and SD card folders were incomplete. When I attempted the same thing using the new SD card, the export project went flawlessly. There is indeed an issue with the original SD card. Good thing I bought two new ones.