lost like me among the "with bass" kits mappings? Take a look at this...

I all,

me again with a more detailed analysis of the kits, not all reviewed, but a good overview on what to expect when using some of them, with data coming directly from a GM midi file or not …

Nice. Thanks for sharing, Marcello.

this is just the reupload of the 2016 situation, but maybe still useful to someone…

… and I also add the original .xlsx file to have more details for the situation then… and if someone is so brave to update it as of today! :slight_smile:

Thanks for adding this content Marcello.
Some of the listed kits aren’t available anymore due to the “situation”. Would be very much appreciated if those holding those kits would re-upload them.

Rather than leave users guessing, which kits are you looking for?

Thanks for replying persist. I’ll put a list together later today.

NP My Big Organ with Bass XXRL (If this was renamed to NP Big Organ with Bass XXRL I have this one).
The others I don’t have and couldn’t seem to find (I apologize in advance if I was just blind on a few of these).

NP Brushes Bass
NP P-Bass and Hammond 2 XRL
NP E-Piano & 4001 Bass C Xrp
NP Jazz Upright 63_91
NP Brushes Upright 63_91
P SuperBassG
Rock FGRP Bass
Rock 1.1

Just a quick question, I notice there are kits like the factory but have 1.1 attached to the name, ie Rock 1.1, Brushes 1.1 etc. I have the factory Rock kit, is 1.1 an update to the factory kits?

Thanks for providing a listing of what you’re looking for. Several of these kits can be found by using the forum search function in Resources/Drum Kits; here’s an example: http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?resources/np-brushes-upright-0-31.2150/

Other kits such as NP PIANO MAN may be associated with a song so you might be better off sending a private message to the user that posted the song. In this case, it would be Phil (not Phil Flood). I used the search string “PIANO MAN” in Resources. The kit no longer seems to be available in Phil’s Dropbox. In this case, I would suggest you try a kit like this one http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?resources/stax-piano-and-harmonica.2700/

Thanks Persist, again I am grateful for your reply.
I’m still learning ;). Keeping that in mind.

I know we can replace a song’s kit but I was hoping to avoid this since the person who put a song together in the first place already tested it and thought the kit was good enough for the song. NP Brushes Upright 0-31 is not the same as NP Brushes Upright 63_91, or is it?. I noticed some songs play the bass in a very low register when playing them on my BB. Not sure why though.

I really don’t like pestering people to re-up their stuff (especially those who politely asked not to be pestered lol). In any case, if I PM them, only I get the kit, however, if I post a thread like above and someone re-uploads it then we all can benefit. ;).

Is there an easy way to know what drum samples are being used in all these kits? I assume a lot of kits have duplicate samples but simply add other instruments?

I will go through the list again and edit the post if I find any that I’m missing.

What about Rock 1.1, Standard 1.1, Jazz 1.1, Metal 1.1? I see these used in songs but I don’t have them? Are these updates to the stock kits?

Sorry for going on here.

The Rock 1.1 and other 1.1 kits are available from: http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?search/13918681/&q=bose&t=post&o=date
as Default BeatBuddy Content Update


The 4001 C kit is part of the above package. It is the Centered kit.


This is the p-bass and Hammond 2.

And 0-31 kits are not interchangeable with 63-91 kits. It’s a different bass mapping scheme. And the Big Organ and My Big Organ kits are reasonably interchangeable. One, as I recall has split bass and drums scheme, the other was made with bass and drums centered.

Ok, I found the 1.1 kits.
All the 1.1 (1.2 Latin) updated kits are here:

I have a few more kits I can’t find. I will make a master list then we will see where this goes.

Thanks Persist and Phil for your help.