Lost most of my songs

Had about 300 songs on my card, did a few gigs. Was gonna add some more songs, put card in my computer and opened BBManager. “MOST OF MY SONGS GONE”. I had synchronized and saved everything. What did I do wrong? One good thing, all my song are still on my C drive. How do I get back to normal. Please help, I have a gig tonight.

First, if you haven’t already please update to the latest version of the BBManager: http://mybeatbuddy.com/forum/index.php?threads/beatbuddy-manager-software-1-64-win-mac.6232/

Are the songs just gone on the SD card, or also in the BBManager? Do any of them contain periods, apostrophes, commas, etc? If so, take them out and see if they continue to disappear.

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