Lost my project—now what do I do?

I downloaded a Creedence song package. Tried to put it on the SD card by way of BB manager, it went to the card but all my other purchases got erased and the SD card won’t play on the Beat Buddy. The songs won’t play on the BBM. I’ve spent hours downloading upgrades on firmware. All my purchases are no longer recognized. I’m beyond frustration ready to sell it. It used to be good now it’s useless. Need input, help what is going on here?

It sounds like you could have created a new project and when you used the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to Export > Project to SD card, it overwrote the older one on the card. If this is the case, you might still have your “lost” project.

Assuming you set up your BBM correctly and have a bbworkspace folder on your computer, you should still have the old project on your computer.

Use the BBB > File > Open Project and navigate to where your projects are located. If it’s still there, open the old project.

Now you’ll want to use the BBM > File > Import > Folder so you’ll navigate to wherever you downloaded and unzipped your CCR package. Open the CCR.pbf file—or whatever the file name actually is—it should have the .pbf file extension at the end of the name (which is BBM format folder that contains the CCR songs in the package you bought and downloaded).

Once you’ve got the new CCR folder in your BBM, place the SD card in your computer slot reader and use the BBM > File > Export > Project to SD card and then accept the prompt for future synchronizations.

EDIT: all your previously purchased premium downloads are still available by logging onto your Singular Sound account. As for any user-shared content you downloaded from the forum, if you don’t have any projects on your computer, you’ll probably have to download them again. Hope this isn’t the case. If you need any more help, please reach out here to the forum.

Thank you for responding to my dilemma. I think I’ve changed computers since getting Beat Buddy. My main concern now is getting the SD card to play. The virtual pedal won’t play any songs. When I do get CCR over to the SD card and put it back to the Beat Buddy it shows it’s playing but there is no sound comes out. Something just is not recognizing the downloads. I can usually figure these things out but I’m at my wits end. Thank you for any help, Doug

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