Lost sound from MIDI-files

I changed some of the beats while editing my songs i BBM. I did only use the pedals original beats (no imports). Noticed while editing that I could not play back any of the MIDI-beats, only the wave-accents (and they had a tiny and awful sound). When I pressed play on the songs, BBM did visually play the beats like normal, but no sound.

I guessed it was a bug with the sound on my MacBook with Sierra OS, so I just saved the project to the SD card and put it in my pedal. But then the pedal wouldn’t play any sound either. Visually presentation was ok, but no sound. Just like as if the MIDI-files were missing.

I tried to play the songs via Quicktime, and that went ok. The files were good.

It seems like BBM have lost the link to the songs. When I click any of the beats in the project organizer, that beat’s location is supposed to pop up, but nix: only the Application folder opens.

I have tried to use Tools to “Set Workspace Location”, and direct it to the folder with BB Workspace, but it didn’t change anything. The beat’s location still doesn’t pop up when clicked, and there is no sound.

Nevermind. I Just gave up fixing this. Deleted the everything BeatBuddy, and downloaded and reinstalled everything. Works fine now :slight_smile: