Loud click when first loop is played

This has stated recently. I start a new project and record the first loop, when I stop record and the loop starts to play back there is loud click at the start of the first iteration of the loop. When I say loud click it is the sound you get when you switch the Aeros on or of when plugged in to speakers.

Only had it happen on the first loop of a new project and not every time.

Edit: Just happened again but this time on the second loop


You mean a pop sound ?
yes happen rarely

Suppose you could call it a pop but its quite loud. Just set up a test recording empty loops with a Zoom H4N recording the process on the second loop it popped. Ive attached the recording of the pop you can hear me stop the loop recording and shortly after the pop.

Aeros Pop.wav.zip (2.5 MB)