Loud click when soloing tracks using midi cc39

Using the CC39 value 1 - 6 solo commands. There is a loud click when soloing a different track

Am I missing a setting or is this a limitation of the device?

to be clear:
(Aeros firmware 4.3.1)

I have recordings on all six tracks

First, I solo track 1 , then,

  1. I solo track 2
    loud click is produced
  2. I solo track 1 again
    loud click is produced
  3. I solo track 2
    loud click is produced

It does not seem to matter what kind of material is recorded on the track. It sometimes happens on different tracks as well, though consistently on tracks 1 and 2.

(edit: Same behavior in firmware 4.24)

No one?

You might want to make and send a video to support@singularsound.com of the pedal as the clicking or popping sounds happen.

I’m not sure I understand the point of doing so. I have indeed sent a request to SS support.

I posted here in the hope that another user would try out the steps I posted, and tell me if they can reproduce the problem.

Could you please indicate to me what additional information would a video provide?

Probably best then to wait for either @BrennanSingularSound (product specialist) to reply directly to this post or Support to answer your email.

Please let us know what it takes to resolve your issue. Thanks

here’s a video demonstrating the problem

Interesting, thank you for reporting but this is not the intended use of the Aeros solo function, I responded on your other thread, you will be better off using parts and changing between them. The Aeros is likely having a CPU overload since soloing is actually sending 5 mute/unmute commands at once.

I can forward this to the developers but I would suggest using multiple parts and setting Change Part device setting to Immediate to switch to each drone

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