Loud Fills

Can anyone help with this? On ballad type songs, it seems the fills are way too boomy/loud in reference to the verses.

Edit in the BBM. You can lower the volume on the fills

Digging the sound of that Spacestation!

Thanks for the tip. I find it odd that a “ballad fill” would be that boomy.

So you play keys?..me too. I expect my Beat Buddy to arrive this coming Tuesday. Yes, I’d want those turned down a bit too.

Hi Donny. I was hoping I could play beats right out of the machine, but I find most of the intro’s and fills way to loud and busy. Getting files from the forum is a crap shoot. There is huge volume fluctuation from Kit to kit. Most songs on the forum are One Press which is great if you’re playing a song just like the recording, however, I like the flexibility to end a song when I want, or extend it for a longer solo etc. I’m now learning how to edit so I can create my own. Have fun!

AND I’m spending most of my day now editing, which is not what I wanted, but I have to figure this shit out.

Mark if you want beats perfectly set up to your style of playing then this is what needs to be done. I felt the same way when I first started learning all this but I’m now very happy I took the time. Now if something is not the way I like , I know exactly what to do to make it sound the way I want it.

yes Mark welcome to my world lol,and many others i dare say.These loud fills are a huge downfall of the BB kits ,we shouldn’t have to spend time editing kits to make the toms and cymbals proportional to what a normal/well balanced drum roll should be.If you listen to a drum backing track or indeed a drummer on a CD the toms and cymbal dont make you jump out of your seat and almost scare the crap out of you.Then if you don’t lower velocities in kit you have to individually lower the velocity in the drum editor which is hugely inadequate and if you have a folder of 80 songs can leave you with blurred vision insomnia and bad neck lol.

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Can the kits be edited to just turn down the toms overall? I’ve not actually done anything yet in the BB Manager app.

Yes. You double click on a Drum Set name in the Drum Sets list to bring up Drumset Maker. You can the adjust the volume for a drum in the Drumkit by click on the drum name, like here:


to bring up the Instrument Details.

You can then adjust the volume slider down. If you want to keep that change for everytime you use this drumkit, you can then go to Drumsets, Save Drumset.

Otherwise, if you want to keep the original drumkit intact, follow this tutorial first, then edit the drum:


This is tip that I use, it preserves your existing kit and eliminates confusion with kit names. Once you open the kit you want to edit, change its name here:


Double click where it says Brushes with Bass. A drumset details window will open to allow you to rename the kit. Create a new name. The go to Drumsets>Save Drumset As. Save the Drumset with that name to a location you can readily find. Then quit BBM. When BBM asks if you want to Save Changes to the project, select NO. Then restart BBM. Go to File>Import Drumset. Import the newly named drumset. Find it at the bottom of the Drum Sets list, make it active, and double click on it to open it.

Awesome sir! Thanks!

I must be missing something here…I tried that tip above (sliding the volume control) but it makes no difference to the sound level? Does it work in real time? Do you have to save the drum kit and THEN try how loud it is? Although that is a bit of a PITA especially if you want to just “try out” various levels.

The volume control for the entire kit does not work. The individual instrument volumes do work, but, If I recall correctly, they are not real time sensitive. So, yeah, it’s a PITA.

thanks Phil - yeah I was looking at this on a per instrument basis (ie kicks, snares, etc etc) oky doky it is what it is I guess…although your LBDM kits seems to be ok for the most part :slight_smile:

Thanks. I tried to keep the balances good.

And you have done a good job!

I think, short term, I’ll just use a few of yours instead of the factory ones. Also, I am surprised at the ones from the Premium Library kits I bought, they too seem to have excessively loud individual instruments.

Yep, it’s a shame Singular Sound can’t implement something as simple as a mixer after all these years of development. You’re playing a song and you reckon the snare’s too loud? Just go to the real time mixer and turn it down - simples (except there isn’t one)!