Loudness is decreasing

today i wanted to make a new beat. First i took the main beat and copied it multiple in the same file. After this i loaded the file to the beatbuddy and played it.
After the first bar i recognized that the loudness decreases. I Cannot find the problem.
See attached file

Can anybody help me?

Does this happen on all the subsequent copies as well? Try copying them again only try to “Download” them individually through the BB Manager instead. See if this stabilizes the volume. If so, then delete the very first one. Don’t know why this is happening unless there is something going on in the latest Firmware Download. It’s too new to determine too many “Bugs” yet or that may not be the problem if you have an earlier version of the firmware. If it is repetitive and keeps happening, I would contact the support team for some answers.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.