'Love the one you're with' would be welcome if someone is ambitious

A great addition - uptempo drive and congas!

I’m ambitious. I have a great arrangement for this, but it’s going to require a custom kit. I’ll try to get it knocked out tomorrow. I already have the arrangement down to 4 parts, but I’m going to need to compress the piano and organ into 5 octaves. Definitely doable. Drums with congas already sound great.

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Were it anyone else I’d be dubious. You are on a roll sir. I’m just beginning the process of reading the 450 page Reaper manual in hopes of catching up.

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In your debt once again. These exercises, besides providing immediately useful work, have been educational as I look into the way you put them together.

It was an education for me, too. I never had to cobble one together where I placed notes at locations other than their designated tonal value. But when I looked at the range of the piano and organ parts I knew I had to do something different. The drums gave me a clue. The source midi had each drum on its own track. So, I thought, why not just take that example and make the drums hold only the instruments needed. This reduced the drum kit size from needing 38 Midi slots, to only needing 12. Next, changing the range of bass to only an octave and a half was the clear choice. The organ was kept at it full 60 note range. Then, with the combined brass and other rhythm parts that I put into a piano track, I still had notes in the low range that were going to make the kit more than full. I deleted the lower octave without really losing anything. That left plenty of space for the range of the kit.

There was one more big difference. The opening high C on the organ fills nearly 4 measures. Later in the song, the same note covers 5 1/2 measures. I had to make the sample for that one notes extra long. Fortunately, it was still under 3mb, so it fit in the kit. There is also a long G, but not nearly so long as the C. By my math, with those two long notes and the rest of the kit, I was a little over 90mb. It was good to go.

I’ll bookmark this detail in my lesson plan …until I reach a grad school level. Thanks!

Hey Phil, I may be dredging up an older post here, but do you still have this arrangement and kit? I tried searching, but to no avail…

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