Low signal output when playing track in from DAW


Im trying to record a short 4 bar phrase into the Aeros to use as backing

Im playing it into the main left input channel of the Aeros from Reaper connected to a Steinberg UR22 audio interface (left channel)

It goes in and I can see the waveform, which shows a good signal. Playback though is very low, hardly audible. Im worried about turning the signal up in case I damage something seeing as its showing a good signal level already.

Also worried inputting an Audio interface line out output into the Aeros is not good?

Can someone please advise @BrennanSingularSound

When is it going to be possible to just import the files?


Hello, the issue may be how you are hearing this all back, the Aeros does not operate at +4dBu like your interface probably does, not totally sure as I do not have any reference to what you’re describing making it difficult to know how quiet you mean. Are you monitoring the input level into the Aeros? If you could show me the input level and possibly also have audio to share of the issue that would be ideal!

The import feature will be ready soon, I do not have exact dates to share but it is underway.

Thank you and please let me know

Glad to hear about the import feature Brennan. Certainly be a game changer. Develop some type of a simple sequencing option and I believe you guys will be off to the races. That would be amazing. Maybe a Maestro feature?
I have to say that as a song writer, I struggle with getting ideas down on my iPad, etc. The Aeros, BB and Maestro have finally given me the ability to get multiple parts and ideas written with endless adjustments to beats, tones, and flipping parts around to complete the song.