Low Spark of High Heeled Boys (OPB + Piano & Organ) 2018-04-22 - Traffic

OPB + Organ & Piano

Santana Piano & Organ

This was pretty tricky to work up as there isn’t a kit with with all the percussive instruments in this one plus piano, organ, and horns. I made some concessions with the percussion and reworked them to fit as best I could (there is a lot going on with the percussion here). Unfortunately, there wasn’t a kit with piano and horns to get anywhere in the ball park with the percussion side of things, otherwise, I would have, absolutely, tossed the organ for the horns. This kit had the essentials to make it work, so what I did was added the horn parts to the organ, so they’d at least be there. End of the day…It’s just too cool a song and too much fun to play, and eh…it’s close enough for rock & roll.

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