Lower Instrument Volume in Drum Kit

Is there a way to do this? I tried a couple things didn’t seem to work,

If you open up the drumkit in BBM by double clicking on its name, you get to the drum kit editor. Once in there, if you click on the name of an instrument (not an individual sample, but rather the instrument name above the group of sample for that instrument, you will then open the instrument details window for that instrument. There you can reduce the volume. Once you have made the desired changes to your kit, go to Drumsets>Save Drumset on the upper toolbar.

Or, you can just turn down the volume on the BB :rolleyes:.

Ya cant turn it down the tambourine and theres a ride on a couple beats its just really loud

I had trouble doing this at first too ,the toms and cymbals etc were way too loud in relation to the kick and snare etc.I was going to the individual instruments in kit but it wasnt doing anything until I spoke to Phil.Go to the instrument in question say its a cymbal and lower volume then go up to the menu in drumkits and click ‘save drum set’ and you’ll get the green saving drumset thingy load the changes then to make double sure I go to drum kit at the side bar and double click on that.I couldnt believe it it worked.The comparitive loudness of the cymbal crashes and toms was a real problem ,I was going to BB midi editor and adjusting the volume on each individual cymbal arrrrrrgh time consuming to say least.Now its all good