Lowest bass key?

Is there a rock drumkit with bass line as low as C here? Cheers.

I think D is lowest

I think so too. I hope someone makes one even low C# will do me.

I made a spreadsheet of a proposal to standardize the notes we use in our “with bass” kits, and i was recommending we go down to C.

I’ll start another thread but here’s the proposal:

there’s a new kit w C …in resources .

@aashideacon I know you have been experimenting with alternate instruments. Is there a kit that exists yet that plays a simple light string patch that can simply follow the root bass notes for something like a slow melodic acoustic guitar song. I understand I would have to edit the midi file to add these root notes. The strings would be just subtle enough to hear but not to over power?

Anyone have rock with bass drumkit? Thank you…

Look in here and take your pick: http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?resources/categories/drum-kits.5/

Thanks a lot persist…

I haven’t created a kit like this but it’s on my List :slight_smile: once I get the bbmanager up to snuff, i’ll have more time to actually use it!

You could probably steal the wavs from my mellotron kit, and replace the guitar strums in superbass G, and make superbass mellotron string :slight_smile: