Ludwig update 1.1

I have all of the 1.1 kits but not the Ludwig, so all of my recent downloads are defaulting to the wrong kit, where can I find it ? Thanks.

I don’t know if they’ve updated it to 1.1 but the Vintage Ludwig is available from for a very reasonable amount.

yes I know, I already have it … and the latest beat sets says that default kit is Ludwig 1.1 which I don’t have, so therefore the BB defaults to the wrong kit for all of the songs , ie:just DL’d the Beatles set, 20 songs, 17 of which require Ludwig 1.1 … So it defaults to brushes, which sucks.

Maybe @GoranGrooves[/USER] or [USER=56]@BeatBuddy Support can help.

Ludwig, as well as all other Premium kits, whenever updated can be re-downloaded from myaccount area of the Library. The single ZIP file will contain updated kit, which can then be imported into BB Manager.

Hi Goran, would it be a good idea to put the version number somewhere on the download page? At the moment one has to download the kit to find out what version it is. Thanks for the update anyway.

Go to Goran’s page and just re-download the Vintage Ludwig kit. It’s a new version that only reveals that after you download it. Easy to import into BBManager and then update your BB box.

Yes, that’s a great idea. I’ll put it on my “to do list”. Thank you.

Hi, Goran. Thanks for taking time to explain how to update.

Would you take a moment and tell us what’s been updated in the Vintage Ludwig and the Standard Pro kits?

I added a tambourine, shaker and cowbell to all sets, including the Ludwig. Standard Pro has not been updated, as it already contained all of these (and much more) to start with.

Thanks, Goran

You are very welcome!