Ludwig with bass

Some of the user songs need Ludwig with bass, but I can’t find it in resources. Please help to find it!
And something isn’t clear. When I want to create my own song with bass, I have to lift the bass part to 24 semitones in midieditor, yes?. But I tried to dig in on the forum and found contradictory informations. Somebody says another parameters. Seems it depends, which source I have and which type of kit I want to use. So, somebody can light up me, what can I do when I’m working with midi exported from Guitar pro or Band in the box. If I understand correctly, I have to import midi drum and bass from the source and then in midieditor, put them together in same midisequence. At this moment I’ll have a midi with drums and bass, and have to raise bass notes 24 semitones or something. Isn’t it? Sorry to ask this often negotiated thread, but I’m lost a bit in the tons of information. Thanks.

Tried everything. Raise to 12, 24 36. Not works. I hear bass in correct rhythm, but just one note. Used Rock with quiet or Finger upright with brushes, but the same problem. Drums are ok. On Cajon with bass I don’t hear bass. What I’m doing wrong? Can’t find information about kit’s bass mapping. Please help.

Created the song in Band in the box. Then disabled all tracks except bass and drums. Exported midi bass and drums separately. Opened in DAW. With midi editor I transposed bass to 24 or 12 or 36 semitones up. Copied this to mididrum track. Now I had one midi track with both, drums and transposed bass. Exported and imported in BB manager. Added some kit with bass. No way, as described above. what’s the problem?

After tweaking, get some solutions. I played with C0, C1, C2 etc. Had normal results. It depends on, which is the source,BIAB or GP5. Both gives different mappings. And which kit I’m using. Different mappings too. Band in the box is helpful, because if I put in chords of my own song it gives pretty nice basses for it automatically and I can choose styles also. GP5 for edited songs. So, remains the first question: where is the Ludwig w Bass?

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Hey Phil would love to get access to your kit… Have purchased the Ludwig kit…