Mac Audio Midi Setup not seeing BB

Total newbie question - new to midi and BB…

My Mac Audio midi setup is recognizing both a synth and a usb midi interface… but, not BB. I have tried connecting BB via synth and usb midi interface, have changed midi cables twice, clicked refresh, restarted midi setup, computer and BB and tried all three usb ports on computer. Yes I searched the forums…likely my question is too basic. Thanks in advance.

What is the next step please?

Signal path - mac usb out - behringer motor49/usb midi interface - BB in (breakout cable)
BB v 2.0.4
midi in - omni
midi out - ch1
os 10.12.6
macbook pro 17" intel core i7

Want do you want to do via midi?

Interface with Logic and my Voodoolab Ground Control. Getting connected period is first priority…

OK - I’ve got it connected. Didn’t realize I needed to manually create the device in the midi setup. The setup had previously autogenerated the other devices, hence my blindness to the obvious. Thank-you.

That’s not really so obvious. When a device has you load a midi driver for Mac, like many Roland devices, those devices auto detect. But when you connect using standard midi cables to an interface, the interface auto detects, since its likely going to be a USB or Firewire device, and the midi connected devices are left for you to set up on your own. It’s kinda of a pain, but it does preserve the usefulness of legacy devices that no longer get USB driver updates from their manufacturer, or, like the Beat Buddy, a device that never had a midi USB driver in the first place.

Thank-you. I was rather proud for sticking with it to success. I’m a video editor so have some experience troubleshooting. Haven’t noticed any weird mismatches with parts (after importing to Logic) and am a bit daunted at the prospect of reassigning them. Is this still an issue ?

If you’re moving drums from Logic to Beat Buddy, the main things to watch for are notes mapped below C1. Stock B.B. kits do not have a kick at B0, so those need to be moved. Essentially, what you need to do is open up the B.B. kit to see where the drums are mapped. If you find something sounds odd when going from Logic to B.B., that’s where you’re going to need to look.

If the Logic kit is heavy on Latin percussion, those could also be unmapped.

If you’re trying to move bass and keyboards to B.B., that’s a whole other tutorial.

Thanks - remapping happens in BB manager before export or in Logic?

Have successfully imported to Logic with Ethereal drum set. Logic is final destination for both recording and live playback.

Oh, if you’re just recording audio from the BB, there are no remapping issues. Also, if you are recording Singular’s B.B. drum loops out to Logic as midi, the Logic drum kits should play the BB midi with no remapping needed.

If you are playing back user created tracks as midi, then the mapping will be dependent upon the midi creator’s mapping scheme.

Rock and Roll! Thanks

If I were to remap, it would be a matter of dragging all the notes on a line to another line inside the Logic midi editor, correct? In which case the sounds in all the lines can be previewed?


Hello, I’m trying the same thing with Logic. I have no idea how to get my Mac to recognize the BB. I’ve gone to the Midi Setup, ADD device, but I have no idea how to get Logic or the computer to recognize that it’s the BB. BB TO AudioBox 96 TO Mac.