Mac BBManager software volume control?

I have the beatbuddy Manager software for OSX loaded into my computer and often just run that while playing a few soft synths etc in MainStage at home but I can’t see anyway of adjusting the output volume of it just the master volume on the computer itself is this correct? If so seems like a pain in the butt not to be able to do this

It’s the same for the windows version, no volume control

Checkout Loopback from Rogue Amoeba. It allows you to route applications into it and then adjust the volume of each application independently. Free demo to try it.

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Unfortunatly not, those are midi controls for the BB itself, we’re talking about the BB-manager program, that has no volume control. But thanks for the effort

There is the Volume Mixer on Windows which allows you to adjust the volume of individual applications


On Mac, you could use something like this

or this

Awesome thanks everyone, all fixed

Thanks ghostofweedon, I never noticed that