Mac beta BBM 1.6.6(c) creates drum kit WAVES folder in incorrect locations

When double clicking on a drum kit in 1.6.6©, the resulting Wave folder does not appear in the User_lib>Wave_Sources folder. Rather, they appeared to get buried in whatever folder one last created a wave in. Example: Today I found my waves in Documents>NP P_Bass and Better Strings XRL>72_Stings C1>NP PBass and Better Strings XRL>127 Strings G5>NP PBAss and Blues HArp>75 Harp Eb3>NP P Bass and Blues Harp>108 Harp C6>Ambient Drums>0-808 kick>Ambient Drum WAVES.

Also, If I then move the folder to the correct location within User_lib, the link is broken and the waves do not play in BBM with that kit.

Thanks for sharing your observation. But the wav files still play correctly if you leave them wherever the BBM saves them to, correct?
Besides this bug, (after all, 1.6.6c is still a beta), it reinforces the point that the BBM—for better or worse—should be used to manage its files and folders and the moment we muck about using the Mac Finder or the Windows Explorer, it causes problems. Hopefully the eventual release of BBM 2 will resolve this.

Yes, they still play correctly.

Thanks, good to know.