Mac OS Sierra Problem

I’m running OS Sierra 10.12.3, downloaded BB manager, and firmware version 1.64. I think it’s been raised already that project synchronisation with the folder in My Documents doesn’t work but an even bigger problem is when I connect Beat Buddy to the Mac via USB. When I do the LCD screen is stuck on “USB Device Connected” and nothing happens on the pedal. The Mac is not recognising it so I have to use the BB manager independently of the pedal.

How do I fix this? Isn’t the BB manager and pedal suppose to find each other?

Any help would be appreciated.

USB Device Connected is the expected behavior on the pedal when connecting via USB cable. The BBM however, is supposed to see and treat the pedal as an SD card.

Since you have a computer running the latest Mac OS, why not plug your SD card into your Mac’s slot reader instead?

Just a reminder to use the BBM to manage the folders and songs on your SD card. DO NOT use the OS to manage files on the SD card.

Thanks for the info, I was worried that something was wrong.