Mac users I need help

I’ve gotten to step 5 of the installation process and I’m stuck. Step 5 says…

File>open project. and I’m not seeing anything that says SD_CARD

It then gives the “full path”. I don’t understand what that is or what to do with it. Can someone please help?


So have you already sorted this out?

Please post some screenshots so I can better assist you with your problem. What do you see when you choose File > Open Project?

This is what opens when I go to File>Open Project[ATTACH=full]1060[/ATTACH]

Okay, let’s do it step by step. Click BBManager+BBWorkspace-2. I guess there must be BBWorkspace. Click it. Click user_lib. Then click projects. Now you should see SD_CARD. Click it. Now there must be a BBP file that you select and everything starts working.

By the way, what you have just done is following the path : BBManager+BBWorkspace-2/BBWorkspace/user_lib/projects/SD_CARD. Now you know what the path is! Enjoy :slight_smile:

By the way, if something fails, please post a screenshot where it fails for you.

That worked. Thank You!

Ok, so that got me to the SD_CARD the BBP File is Daefacatorbbp. When I click on it I get this Message

Oh well, you shouldn’t have to click on it from your Finder.

Launch BBManager instead, use File > Open Project and choose this file in an opened window again.

If you already opened the project once, BBManager will automatically reopen your project for you.

That worked thanks so much for your help!