Machine drumset

Hi, i can’t find a really good drumset of machine drums
Who’s help me please
I want to play triphop music with some effect on beatbuddy .

I’m looking for the same, also for a drumset

What is meant by machine drums, is it something like the TR808?

Search the Beat Buddy > Drum Sets section of the Forum for:

Modern Machines,
Yamaha, and

you’ll find a couple. If you have a specific drum machine in mind, post a request.

I would like something to make ambient music that has reverb … I don’t know the name of a specific library … thank you very much for interesting

I saw you already found the kit I made as an Ambient kit. I would try running a reverb pedal after the BB, and then experiment with all manner of kits, if that’s what you’re after.

I don’t know of any kit that was made with real heavy reverb.