Madman Across the Water - Two versions [updated 1 JAN22]

Edit (1 Jan): Fixed some timing issues, transitions and re-balanced parts. Also added the MIDI map I left out previously.

Generally follows the original arrangement (1971 Elton John) and those used by Brandi Carlile among others. No count in. Riff repeats 4x before vocal.

Two versions: one press format with bass, keys and horns and one minus horns. Both modeled on the same STAX SAX kit. Length (6:45) allows plenty of room for soloing before the outro comes in. A gradual diminuendo to a quiet section ends the solo section at 4:40 where the Am riff plays 2x before the vocal returns.

Built from a MIDI download for BB 1.64 using Phil Flood’s STAX Sax(V1) kit. Unfortunately there was no room for Paul Buckmaster’s incredible string parts but the horns fill that space as a hybrid based on Rick Wakeman’s organ parts.


  • MIDI map - STAX SAX Acoustic piano
  • Other kits fitting the map work - the horns in version 1 sound good
  • One page cheat sheet (follow the colors and rehearsal notes)
  • MIDI files for both versions

Madman Across the (132.7 KB)