Maestro app from old Android to new Android

Could someone tell me how to get my data from my old Android onto my new Android?

I may be way out of my element here since I’m an iOS user but I think the principles are generally the same.

Back up your old Android to your computer and use the restore feature to copy your data to your new Android. You may find this link useful:

Seems it was one of the few bits of data that didn’t go across.

Hey there,

If both are in the latest version of the app (1.7.0), you can upload the custom modes you want backed up and redownload them on your new device

Would this work?

Thanks, Brennan. I’ll try.

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Both are 1.7.0. How do you up’n’download?

Go to your custom mode and tape the upload icon (the one with a arrow up and wait a few second until you see the message "upload successfully)

To download, go to browse custom and search you custom name and tap download

Same for the commands

Touching the up arrow does nothing, other than going back to the custom page.

Yay! Sorted thank you.

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In the future always feel free to reach out to for 1 on 1 help!

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