Maestro & BB

I finally had a chance to pull my BB off my board, hook it up to the Maestro and put the Maestro through its paces. Well, first efforts were failures, still not sure why, but upon changing midi cables, it worked absolutely perfectly. I will be checking out the failed cable, but, that seemed pretty odd, as I’m sure I used that one recently and it worked fine.

All that said, all pre-programmed functions in BB mode performed exactly as expected, so I am quite pleased with that. I did not try it with an expression pedal or and extension pedal, but all the basic BB mode functions worked as designed. Good job, guys!


Thanks for the kind words! Curious to hear back about that cable myself. Would certainly be weird if the cable worked with other setups but not the Maestro!

i guess it was gremlins, (or maybe an undetectable break in the cable), as I tired that cable today, and it worked as expected. One question through, when I connect and start the Maestro, the tempo on the BB gets set to 256 BPM. Once I change it to a proper tempo, it works fine from then on out, and it works fine when change from song to song, using the preset BB tempo for the song. That’'s probably another bug to look into, but it’s a minor inconvenience.

Ah - that BPM issue is a known bug, apparently you need to turn on the Maestro before the BB and it will be avoided.

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Does anyone else have this issue: When I select a new song using MM. It will briefly play the previous song for a short time. The song will then stop. Then the new song will show up.

I received mine yesterday and I have the same problem!!!
But it will be fixed soon for sure!
The BeatBuddy is great with the Midi Maestro!

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I would not even think about checking possible faulty cables. Get new replacements. I had intermittent failure on a midi cable too on another application.
Even the new midi adapter cable I purchased for the BB, Intermittent failure… Singular sound promptly sent a new one. Problem went away.
Remember too, age of a cable could also cause problems. I even found this with audio cables…

I noticed that the metal hole in the MM doesn’t allow nice midi cables to fit all the way in, because the plastic part surrounding the cable end barrel is larger than the MM opening… you either have to get a cable with a longer metal barrel part, or a much smaller plastic part (that covers the barrel)

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i’ve trimmed the cable with a sharp knife and it will now plug all the way in.

it only needs about an 1/16 of and inch off