Maestro does not work with Aeros

I just got my Midi Maestro tonight, after having my Aeros for a couple months. I was super pumped to get them hooked up and talking. First…no app…that’s pretty sad. Second, the Maestro does nothing to the Aeros. That’s just poor business practices. C’mon guys.


I hear ya, and in a weird way, it’s kinda my fault, because I was one of the guys clamoring for the MM, so they sent it out without the app. But wait for the app, and don’t give up just yet. The MM itself is a very nice piece of hardware, so if the app is half as good (or they release to open source how to program the MM), it should be a killer combo.

Hey, we understand the disappointment.

Rest assured, the money back guarantee doesn’t start until the app and Aeros mode are both working, so there’s nothing to lose by holding on to the Maestro until those are both out.

Right now, the developers are telling me that it should be ready in either late January or early February.

Hi, is the MM working with the Aeros now?
Thanks in advance