Maestro does nothing when playing a song with drum+bass

The maestro has little control on a song that has bass and drums. Is there a tutorial or some pointers how to use the maestro with bass+Drm songs.

Hello, what do you mean by control?

MM buttons don’t do anything to the BB other than start the song. And when I press the MM start to play a song, I have to press it twice. First press will start the song but only the drums play. Press twice and the bass instr plays with the drums. Then, accents don’t do a thing on the MM. MM Stop does nothing. Parts do nothing … etc. No control over the BB. To stop the song I have to press the pause button on the foot switch attached to the BB.

There’s little to control with a MIDI controller in comparison to multi-part (default content) songs if you are playing one-press songs.

Some one-press songs require a double-tap of the BeatBuddy (BB) pedal to start playing but I don’t know if that’s what you’re playing.

If the BB song does not have an embedded accent or you have not set it up in the MIDI Maestro, you won’t hear the accents.

If it’s a one-press song, there are only 3 parts; usually just the Intro, where the main body of the song is positioned, the Main Drums Loop which is a muted placeholder and the Outro which is used to end the song. There are no transitions, fills nor accent hits.

Yes I see that, but “Stop” on the MMaestro won’t stop the song. Only the Footswitch “pause” (Right button) will.

Beatbuddy songs are normally broken up into parts that you transition between yourself. People make one-press songs by making a really long intro or outro that has a whole song on it. If you’re having to double tap, it’s probably on the outro. The MIDI Maestro is not going to stop it because the the song is already “stopping”. That whole song is a really long outro. That’s why I don’t fool around with one-press songs. Yeah, you don’t have to worry about transitioning between parts, but you give up your ability to control anything.