Maestro Doesn't Work

Can’t seem to get this work at all. Tired all different cables, all the different settings, read other posts, and nothing seems to get this to work in any way. I have the latest firmware. Reinstalled it multi times. I just think it doesn’t work or at least the one i got doesn’t. Appears others are also having the same issues. Emailed support and haven’t heard anything back. So I am stuck waiting. Anyone got any ideas I’m missing?

Can you be more specific about what “doesn’t work” means, please? Love to help, need more info.

Is your BB midi in setting set to Channel 1?

It turns on and all the buttons work just it doesn’t control my BB. The BB doesn’t respond to the MM.

Yes I have tried setting the BB to channel one.

I’m loving my Maestro with the BB. It adds a lot more usable functions however, I did have to go into the BB’s midi settings menu and restore defaults before the Maestro could control it. Also, make sure the Maestro’s “out” is connected to BB’s “in” on the proprietary adapter for the BB. Hope this helps.

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Yes, I have done both of those things. Thank you.