(Maestro for Android) Firmware update what's news?

I just get a update today of my Maestro
new firmware v 1.1.7 ?
What’s news?

Maestro firmware and app updates of late have been showing up on the weekend w/o much fanfare. When Singular Sound posted 1.4.2 for iOS, they pretty much did the same thing.

IIRC, Brennan might have mentioned that these were very minor updates to keep the Android and iOS apps in sync with the same improvements and bug fixes and that for this reason there were no updates to the documentation. I’m sure he’ll chime in on Monday (or Tuesday :grinning:).

ok thank you

Hey there, yes we need to do a small re-release of the manual

1.1.7 on MM fixed screens being incorrect when using ext footswitch to quickly change pages without the

1.4.2 for iOS added more functions on android to iOS:

  • Fix : Templates pages order
  • Fix : Being able to edit commands
  • Able to move buttons in mode editor

We will edit this soon! Thanks for reminding us!

If 1.1.7 is the latest, why does my phone “Send” to MM anyway when I hit update?

This is just how the app works, not a huge issue, just avoid updating the firmware! There’s no need to update if everything is working ok for you already.

Thanks for the question :slight_smile:

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Thanks for getting back to me. I do love this little toy.

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