maestro midi pedal

has anyone taken delivery of the maestro midi pedal?when i preordered couple months ago delivery date was for may

Not yet :(. May has 31 days so you should hopefully see it soon :).

Singular pushed back delivery to September. The sent a notice to me. I assumed everyone who preordered got the notice.

Whoops! Looks like May has been extended by 149 days (as of May 4). o_O

Actually , I noticed that they had pushed it back a couple of days ago, just didn’t speak up.

thanx for your reply.i did not get a notice.thats a long push back! hopefully it will be worth the wait

I’m sure it will be!

This is good to know. That’s a long time to have that amount of money tied up. Thanks.

Sorry if this has been covered but I just looked for the first time at the specs and pics on the singular sound website. Is this going to have bluetooth midi connect? I may want to use this to send cc commands to Bias FX on my ipad and it would be nice if I could just connect it via bluetooth midi and not have it in my physical midi chain.

Watch at 6:40…

It does support Bluetooth. Specific flexibility and requirements of its use I do not know.