Maestro to support command to switch between modes

Instead of having to press the mode button behind the unit and then press the required mode.

With this, we will be able to switch to another mode fast during performance.


I was thinking along the same thing… my request is that when an external switch is plugged into maestro, THAT switch can control mode by pressing both at the same time. I’m having a heck of the time switching modes while playing (BB+aeros + maestro) and yes I know I should (and will )use custom pages, etc., but I’m only at first base.
tia Bob

I’m sure you know this already, but you can change modes (or at least get back to the modes page) by pressing both the lower left and lower center buttons on the MM at the same time. Not super easy, but easier than the little button on the back. It would be cool though to control it externally.

Thank you. Yes, i did know that, and it just doesn’t really work (for me) mid-song. Thanks again! Putting that on the external switch would not interrupt functionality of anything except for page up / down.