Main drum loop, drum fill

I have update to BeatBuddy_Default_Content_2.0 I’m on Windows 10

Beats Sounds Great;

But something bizarre happen.

Let’s say that I want to create a new song with ‘’Oldie 1- 4 on snare’’

I Export ‘’Oldie 1- 4 on snare’’ to a folder, create a new folder in BB Manager and put ‘’Oldie 1- 4 on snare’’

Now I would like to change the first fill: OLDIES-fill 7-snare+

I click to open… BBworksplace/ USER-LIB /midi-sources…… EMPTY

I click on the first fill of PART2: OLDIES fill 22-full-kit and open it :

BBworksplace/ DEFAULT-LIB /midi-sources/oldies/oldies song 1.

I made some research:

Goran Rista sends in his ‘’MAJOR UPDATE’’ email august 30

A detailed list of all changes.

So in that list in ’’Oldie 1- 4 on snare’’ he mention that he made some changes: Odlie 1- beat 1, replace fills: 7, 11, 18,

Effectively, the links of those 3 fills goes to BBworksplace/ USER-LIB /midi-sources instead of BBworksplace/ DEFAULT-LIB /midi-sources/…
I passed through some of the song (Blues, Rock, Country… ) it all the same.
How can I solve my problem ???

I love my BB…

You are doing a very good job all of you. Thanks for everything.

Sorry for my English