main drum loop

Im trying to add a new song to my project but when I click on the “main drum loop” it opens in a workplace, midi sources folder, and its empty… Im I in the wrong folder?

Most likely yes.
Do you know the exact location of the MIDI file you want to use for the main drum loop for your song?
If yes, navigate there and select it.
If no, you can use the shipped content - insert BeatBuddy SD card to your computer (or hook BeatBuddy via USB, but only if your computer runs a superior Operating System - Windows, and not Mac).
There is a folder “FINAL Content v120 - SD card files” that contains a lot of MIDI files that were used for the BeatBuddy.

okay I opened the Final content SD card files, and it had 4 folders. Drums, Effects, Params and Songs. I clicked on each file and all was empty except Songs which had a long list of files. Am I missing the midi file?

It should also have the MIDI loops - content 1.2 folder, that contains a ton of MIDI files. If yours doesn’t, obtain a fresh copy of SD Card Backup archive from the downloads page. It should definitely have one.

[Edit] Well, I decided to check whether the archive really contains MIDI files, and well… Looks like they have been removed! What the…
Looks like only shipped BeatBuddy SD card contains the MIDI files now.

ok I’ll go check the SD card Hopefully it’s in there…

Nope It aint there… How can I get it to reload? Luckily I still have my projects in the card, and it still plays my songs…
It just don’t have the midi drum loop

I’ve uploaded it to my Google Drive