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I at one point had my pedal setup to where when in “pause” mode selected on the footswitch, I could depress and hold down the main pedal and it would go to “stopped” to where I could begin to cycle through other songs. Somehow it changed to where I depress and hold the main pedal it does a “fill”. Can anyone please help me get this back?. I usually end my song on a “pause” from the footswitch and then depress and hold the main pedal to stop the song and move on to a next one.


Updated: Every time the SD card is replaced/updated the BB resets certain settings to the factory default, which can be inconvenient. Because of that, to use a non-default setting the footswitch/pause setting needs to be reset each time the SD card is replaced. I also like to stop tunes by holding down the main pedal when a song is in Pause mode. I haven’t done this in a while, but from distant memory (my board is packed, and I don’t change the SD card often), you need to enter the Settings screen (by holding down Drum Set and Tempo knobs simultaneously), and then select Main Pedal. I think you then need to select Start Beat > Release, and you may also need to change the unpause settings. If that doesn’t solve the problem quickly there probably are more specific directions (findable by search) somewhere on the forum.

To SS: for future fimware updates - it would be great if settings like this could be kept in the BB’s memory, to avoid the need for these types of resets.

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This due to a file that is in your project on the computer, If you have changed the settings of the footswitch in your BB, this is written to the card When updating a project from your computer to the SD card the file FOOTSW.INI that is on your computer, is written to the card with the wrong settings. The file should be copied once, from your SD card before doing a synchronize or update to the card. Write this file to your computer. After a synchonize or update, write the FOOTSW.ini file, that you seperatly saved, to the card and your settings will ok. (the FOOTSW.ini file is in the directory PARAMS).

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thnk you

Love how this bug has never been fixed on the Mac. Really just a shame.

The sooner the BB Loader (plus more features/integrations) can replace the BB manager the better.

Thanks, Renevmind. I gather that this fix works on a Mac, but would appreciate if you could confirm.

  • Mark

Hi Mark I cannot confirm that because I have no MAC, but the files should be the same, because it is a file of the BB, independent of the system you use to edit

Yes, it works in the Mac. I just move the PARAMS folder instead of the file. You can find out more by searching on Workaround | PARAMS

Thanks renevmind and persist!

My PARAMS folder only has 2 files (INFO.BCF and TEMP.INI). I’ll try copying the PARAMS folder over when I next update my SD card, but in the meantime interested in any thoughts you have regarding the absence of a FOOTSW.ini file. Thanks again.

IIRC, Windows hides some BBM files. I don’t know if that’s still the case. I don’t think the macOS treats them as invisible though.

Next time you have your card in your pedal, make a couple of easy-to-remember edits to your pedal settings and when you get a chance, check the contents of your card’s PARAMS folder from the Finder.

Here’s the contents of my PARAMS folder from my Mac:

This is what the foots.ini settings display when opened in TextEdit: (BTW, not recommended that you edit the contents in your computer OS—leave that up to the pedal).


Thanks - I’ll try that next time I use the pedal (I’m traveling now and don’t have access to it). Here is screenshot from a backup SD card (same as the one currently in the pedal), which is also saved on my Mac.