Main Pedal Function

I set the main pedal to start a song on the PRESS, not the RELEASE. But when I synchronize the SD card with new songs or a new folder, it seems to always default back to starting the song on the RELEASE. Any way to prevent this. Very often I don’t remember to change it back to PRESS and it screws up that song when playing with it live. THANKS!

Yes, the problem is that the BB configuration settings are an integral part of a project. If you only use the stock project that came with the BB as the basis for building projects, then load them to the SD card, you’ll always inadvertently reset your pedal settings every time you move the project from the computer to the card. I haven’t figured out exactly which files so I can’t tell you which specific ones to copy but there is a way to fix this.

Get your project as mature as you need it using the computer. Load that project on the SD card, put the SD card into your BB and change your configuration settings to be however you want. Put the SD card back into the computer and save the project on the SD card to your computer. Use the project you just saved to the computer as the ‘project master’ or the basis for future projects. All future projects built from that master should have the configuration settings the way you want them.

Thanks. I’ll give that a shot. Nice to know it isn’t something I’m doing wrong!