Main pedal stop/start

Is it possible in a future update to have the option to start and stop the BeatBuddy with the main pedal. Start and stop must be instantaneously. This will simplify the operation for simple one beat songs and gives one an easy method to stop and start the beat in a song using only the main pedal. This will also help a lot to stop the song at the exact moment the musician require and not rely on the the BeatBuddy to complete the bar. I know that the pedal can be paused with the extra foot pedal but I need a simple setup. The second pedal can then be used for the verse/chorus or fills.

My request is based on my experience with other drum machines that work in this way.


You can stop the song completely by holding down the main pedal for a few seconds if the BeatBuddy is paused, and you set ‘start beat’ to ‘release’ in the settings menu. Would that work for you?

Also if the BB is paused, you can start it again on a fill by tapping the main pedal once (versus just unpausing with the footswitch and starting the regular beat).

If ‘Mute Pause’ is enabled (settings menu under Main Pedal), the song will continue playing silently, and when you start it again it will continue on the bar it happens to be on when you tap the pedal.

Holding down the pedal for a few seconds when paused to stop the song is solving part of the problem as this avoids hearing the beat when the songs is finished.

However it will be great to stop and start the beat with the main pedal.

I understand that this can be done by using a silent midi file. The problem with this is that you have to alternate between the beat and silent beat and no other beats can be used in the song for example a verse and chorus. I will use it like this in the meantime.

Hi Danie. I have my pedal setup to do this using the extra foot pedal. I have no use for an accent so I have one button set for pause and the other button set for stop which triggers the outro with one tap instead of the double tap on the main pedal. I can’t do the hold down the main pedal to silently end the song after pause because I have the pedal set to trigger on push not on release. When I want to stop a song instantly i can hit the pause button and then tap the stop button next to it to end the song silently.

I understand you want to be able to do this with the main pedal but there is alot going on with being able to trigger fills and transitions and it’s a bit hard for one switch to do all of this.

Thanks for the advice, and this will make it much easier and simple to operate. Although you still need the extra pedal, it solves my problem