Main Pedal UnPause Functions ?

Hi, not sure if i understand how these functions are meant to operate, one says Tap / Intro-fill and the other says Hold / stop song / Start Transition, so i imagine the first Tap one would, “unpause and play a fill or the intro,and carry on with the part i was on at the time of the pause”, and the second one Hold would "unpause and play a transition fill and stop maybe?,
Any way the point is both are unpausing and playing a fill then proceeding to play the part i was on at the time of the pause.
I would appreciate any help on understanding how these functions should operate, or letting me know if its a bug. Kind Regards Wee Joe.

Which version of the firmware are you using, Wee Joe?

1.8.5 the first drunk release lol but have since installed the latest beta, with the same result.

Persist please note changes to original post, as i am at home with the pedal now and it makes a little more sense, although the Hold / stop song and transition still does not work as i anticipated, and both stop song and transition,are playing a fill, hope this makes more sense. Wee Joe


Hope this helps, Wee Joe. Taking a quick peek at p.30 in the user’s guide:
Main Pedal > Main Pedal Unpause > Tap
While paused and the main pedal is tapped (pressed quickly), you have the option to unpause the song from the beginning with
the intro fill (Intro option) or to unpause with the next fill in the currently playing song part (Fill option).
Main Pedal > Main Pedal Unpause > Hold
While paused and the main pedal is held down, you have the option to stop the song (useful if you want to end the song immediately by pausing it and don’t want to have to restart the song to stop it), or initiate the transition into the next song part.

Cheers Persist, this was my understanding of the “Main Pedal Unpause Functions”.
The problem i have, is that the Hold is not functioning as expected, can you check this out for me, as it must be a bug,
I cannot access the Transition or the Stop, by holding the Main pedal down to Unpause.
All i am getting is a Fill progression when using hold to Unpause, wether I choose Transition or Stop.
Hope this makes sense.
Kind Regards Wee Joe

I set my Main Pedal to: Hold to Stop the song when on pause, but it doesn’t do that. It Unpauses the song or play a fill instead.

Cheers for testing Creed it must be a bug then, Persist can you move this post to the Bug Section?


If the main pedal is playing a fill (instead of stopping the song) when being held down while the song is paused, then most likely your pedal is set to start the beat upon press, not release. Set your BeatBuddy to this setting: Main Pedal > Start Beat > Release. After you can confirm that it is set to ‘release’ instead of ‘press’, see if it continues to happen.

Cheers Support, this has cleared it up, you are correct i had my Main pedal set to “start beat on press” so the Hold-stop-transition. feature is not available, it would be nice if the firmware corresponded with this i.e. to make this unavailable if the User chooses “start beat on press”.

Kind Regards Wee Joe.

@BeatBuddy_Support Has this bug ever been addressed? I’d like the beat to start on the press of the pedal, but I’d also like to use the “Hold” while “Paused” on the main pedal to start a Transition. Seems like this will only work if the pedal is set to start the beat when Released. But that messes up other songs when you’re trying to start the beat on the down beat of the measure.
Maybe it just can’t be done?


@shawno814 It is not a bug, it is simply the way it functions.

Holding it down while paused will stop the song, not play a transition if the pedal is set to play upon release. If it is set to play upon press, it will play a regular fill with a press while the song is paused, not a transition.