Main Pedal Unpause -> Hold -> Stop Song

I noticed that the “Hold -> Stop Song” option within the “Main Pedal Unpause” setting only works (stoping the song via press+hold the main pedal while on pause) if the “Start Beat” is selected as “Release”. I the “Press” option is selected the BBuddy starts the main beat after press+hold. Is this a bug? If not, how do I get around it?

I actually use Start Beat -> Press, hence my concern.


(PS: Using Firmware 1.85)

It’s only possible with the ‘release’ setting.

Thank you for your reply. But, is that it??

Any plans to make this work with the ‘press’ setting any time soon? I thinlk this is important, since we are talking about a device that provides 'rythm" and I am sure there are more users like me, who prefer to keep the beat with a ‘press’ of the foot and also be able to use the stop-after-unpause option.

I hope the Beatbuddy team understands this and can incorporate my request into the next firmware release. It’d be greatly appreciated.

PS: I am one of the first 500 buyers/supporters of the Beatbuddy project.

Thank you for being one of our first 500! :slight_smile:

The reason that the extended hold does not work when the BeatBuddy is paused is because upon contact, the BB will start playing, since it is set to ‘press’. The BB has no way of knowing to not start the beat again when the main pedal is pressed while paused. It is like giving the same command and having it mean two different things.

On the other hand, the reason it will work with ‘release’ is because only upon release will the beat start, so an extended hold can be set up as a “command” to do something (stop).