Main Pedal, Unpause options for Midi

I use a midi-clock out of BB into a looper (Ditto X4) to sync rhythm loops on.
During a song i need to ‘pause’ the beat to do a little guitar part (i.e. Weezer, Beverly Hill, “…the truth is…”).
I use the external FootSwitch for the ‘pause’ action and then once the litlle part is done, I need the BB to start Part1, along with my Loop, at the same instance.
If using the FootSwitch to unpause, there is a slight delay in the Loop start time.
I once had it setup so the ‘Main Pedal’ would do the ‘unpause’ and start the loop at the same instance but i lost the settings (PARAMS).
Now when i try to set it back up, the Main Pedal ‘unpause’ starts a ‘Fill’ ahead of the Loop, then goes into Part1 (at which time the loop starts).
Question: How do i set the Main Pedal unpause to start Part1 and my Loop at the same instance?
I only see options for the ‘Unpause’ to do; 1)Intro, 2)Fill, 3)Stop (why no Part1?).
Thanks (i search for this but came up empty)

Have you tried setting Main Pedal unpause to “Intro”?
On my BB it doesn’t use the intro fill but restarts the part that is paused (Not always Part 1 as you request). It does exactly what the external footswitch is doing on unpause.

For the looper latency-start issue, I suspect that you have Midi OUT->Sync issues. Try setting it to “While Playing” instead of “Always On”.I use a boomerang looper, but I do what you are describing all the time.

Note that this will restart whatever part you are on. If you are on a different part you could pause and then stop (with no outro on the song) and then just start again (with no Intro on the song) to accomplish what you want.

I’ll try that! thanks.

Thanks ‘joshborn’ - So your boomerang doesn’t have the latency issue(s)? I may give the boomerang another try. I like my DittoX4 cause i can record a Verse loop -1 then a Chorus loop-2 and switch back-and-forth easily; does the boomerang do that? :thinking:

Yes. On the boomerang you can have 3 separate loop tracks with near infinite stacking on each. They all quantize on the quarter note and you can “queue up” the next loop to start when the current loop finishes.