Make a note last more than 4 seconds

Hi all
Is there a way to make a non-percussion note last more than 4 or 5 seconds in BB? I have a rather long violin (strings) note that I need to let it sound, alone, at the beginning of a song, for a while, but I can’t make it lasts for more than 4 or 5 seconds. Playing it back in the DAW (Logic) sounds as it should. Maybe it is a limitation of BB and its samples, so can anyone confirm?
If I can’t make it sound long enough, is there any trick that could be done in a DAW to achieve a somewhat similar effect in BB? (like a group of short overlapping notes sounding like a long one…)
Thanks in advance

It’s based on how long the sample for note is within the drum kit. I have had instances where I needed an especially long note, so I designed the kit round that, and just placed a much longer sample in the locations where they would be needed. Of course, this means that you end up making a drum kit for jsut that song, but that is the way to resolve the issue.

It’s not an absolute limitation of the BB, as you could have those couple of needed long notes in the kit, but you can’t make all the notes for an instrument very long, as the BB does have its 100mb per drumkit limit, and long notes will get you to that limit in a big hurry. An alternative is using the backing track method for that song, as you are making a custom kit anyway.

Thanks Phil.
Makes sense. Will think about the best way to solve my issue with a custom drum kit.
Thanks a lot.

I have an organ D note that lasts the entire signature riff of Dead or Alive. I made sure there was essentially no decay in the first second or so, and I have my BB simply play the note every 1/4 or 1/2 note. It is not noticeable in my application, so that approach might work for you as well.


Thanks @JoeInOttawa. I will try that too. But since it is a note that runs solo with only a bit of percussion in the background, maybe it is a bit more noticeable. Will let everyone know.

Hi all, this is what I did…
I already had a custom drum set created for the song and figured that I will have trouble creating a long note that matched the tonal characteristics of the strings I was already using. Also, tried the quick succession of notes to simulate one long note, but since the only thing playing was that note with a very soft tambourine in the background, I could really hear the effect. I think it would have worked with more instruments…
So, since this note was at the beginning of the song, I decided to cut it and use only the 4 or 5 seconds that the sample gave me. Pretty confident that the folks hearing the song would rather quickly identify the song, forget about the note and concentrate on enjoying the actual performance and singing along… :slight_smile:
Thanks to @Phil_Flood and @JoeInOttawa for their input. Another day, another learning experience with BB.

Have you considered a .wav file and using that as an accent hit? I’ve done this for a cannon firing (don’t ask!) and it plays as long as the wav file. Kind regards Carl.

I use to split the note and put same note rgh after the split.
I use reaper

Whats is the Backing track method??

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