Make Beat Buddy move on one song using Midi

I am sure this has been covered before but I can’t find it using the search. I can work PCs just fine but midi programming is a new language to me. What I want to do is move the BB on one song by sending it a midi command (s?) from an external board when it is stopped. I have a midi foot board I’ve had for some time and can do lots of useful things like interfere with the BB and looper while running and start/stop songs. I use the Footboard and my wife, the brains of our duo used the BB. I can forward our looper easily but can’t figure out from the various manuals how to do it for the BB. After reading the manuals several times I can’t even figure out which bank is the first folder on my BB. So what I am after is a string to advance or retard the BB one song when stopped. Any one else done this?

Try the following, taken from the Beatbuddy manual page 28.

Scroll Up/Down (CC:119, value 0-1)​ - When enabled, receiving this command with either value 0 (down) or 1 (up) scrolls the current selection on the Songs List. If disabled, the BeatBuddy ignores this command.

thankyou. The manual I have only has 19 pages. I had logged onto my singular sound account and that told me there are no downloads available. So once again I was trying to hit a moving target. Didn’t think of looking on one drive.

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So I updated the Beat Buddy sofrware, (not the manager) , however 119 isn’t listed in the midi commands on the pedal. What version of the software contains this?

3.8,! thanks for the pointer again. The spreadsheet was really helpfull

Seems like you got it figured out, but Singular Sound commands are all listed here!