Make it easier to change song capitalization

I imported some community songs last night and some of them are in all caps, e.g. “HELP ME”.
I tried renaming it to a “properly captitalized” format “Help Me” but the BBManager software changes it to “Help Me(1)”. My guess is that it’s case insensitive when it identifies the songs, so it thinks I’m trying to rename the song to an existing name and adds the (1) to avoid duplicate names. I can fix it by removing the (1) as a second step, but it’s kind of annoying, so I’d love the rename function to be fixed.

an alternative might be to edit the SNG file before import, but I haven’t gone there yet.

That’s odd. You can rename the file within the Explore Pane of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM). It should only append (1) if you have duplicate files to start with. I take it you’re using BBM Are you trying to rename the song outside of the BBM before you import it?

using the latest BM (downlaoded it last night). and yes, using the song browser pane (with folder and song names), I click on the song name to enter edit mode and rename it. I can rename just fine unless I rename it to the same name, barring capitalization.

I can repeat the behavior you are reporting on in BBM but not in every instance that I try to rename to the same name. In other words, it does it sometimes, but not always. Pretty sure that this has been fixed in later beta versions.