Make it Stop 😀

Hi Guys.

How do I stop the BeatBuddy from starting the song again at the end?

At the moment, mine will play through a beat say a midi file i’ve edited.

Works great, get to the end and… it starts again. Is there a Midi stop song command or something?

Thanks In Advance.

Pete in the UK

Sounds like your MIDI file is placed in the Main Drums Loop section of the beat. That section is designed to loop. Since the BB does not recognize MIDI commands embedded in the file, you have 3 options:

  1. treat the beat as a one-press by placing it in either the Intro or Outro
  2. use a MIDI controller
  3. double-tap to end the loop
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Again Many Thanks Persist.

Two major issues fixed in the course if two days.

BB is an amazing device. I can get on now with being creative.


Pete in the Uk