Make last measure obvious

The little red line indicating the start/end of the loop is pretty subtle. A lot rides on a click to start/stop recording in that measure.

How about making the entire measure have a different background?


Hey Quad. This is a very good idea. When sitted, it is still ok. When standing up, I need my glasses to see the end of the measure.

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Hey there, I don’t believe we want to change the UX in this manner, as if working in a DAW, we prefer the timeline to be uniform. It may be we’ve edited the UX to improve the thickness of the red line since you’ve made this request.

Thank you for the feeback!

Sounds like you buy into the idea of making the last measure/end of loop more obvious.

How you fix it is up to you…

@BrennanSingularSound What can we do to make this request be something other considered (which really means “won’t consider”).

Not asking for anything specific, but making the end of loop more obvious in some way would be invaluable. The taller you are and the worse your eyes are, the more important it becomes. I worry that many devs at SS get used to the Aeros on the table and not the floor.

Here are some ideas:

  • Change the white measure bar at the start of the last measure to some other color (e.g., yellow, light red, etc.). So the last bar starts with yellow and ends in red.
  • Subtle background change on least measure.
  • Change how the loop “pie” counter looks during the last measure
  • Provide a user option to display a countdown to the number of measures left per track (similar to the display of the # measures recorded) . I can see this not being a good idea in 6x6 … distracting to your point.

Fair enough, we will consider this further.

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i totally agree. that red line is WAY subtle. thicker/jagged/tri-color/ anything, but make it POP.