Make "Release " be the default for Play/Stop All setting

Please make "Release " be the default for Play/Stop All setting.

The vast majority of people savvy enough for precise timing for Play/Stop All will be able to figure out the need to change the Play/Stop All setting. The vast majority of people who may not require precise timing on Play/Stop will be annoyed by the short playback when clearing from a stopped position. They will be surprised that the fix for their issue with “Clear” is a Play/Stop setting.

If that isn’t a trivial fix, no need to work on this if you’re going to revamp the entire foot UI (which I’m going to start calling FUI).

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do we lose functions when using release mode? is there any cons to use this mode?

No functionality loss. Just the different timing.

Press is more immediate, I don’t understand the advantage of release mode.

Release was the original way the button was designed. It is easy to make release work well with the hold gesture. It avoids the odd behavior that might result in a short sound when clearing.

Hoping there is a better design where all time critical actions (start and stop of record, overdub, and perhaps play) are on press and the less critical actions are handled in a better way that is compatible with these time critical actions.

We can solve this issue by implementing this system

@DavidPackouz That link has some good ideas to help when the looper is stopped to allow song selection. Perhap the title can expand to cover more than song selection?

Should we expand that thread to cover access of a variety of non-real-time commands … whether or not the Aeros is stopped and supporting more than 3 options?

Sorry but set it on release is nonsense. Press is pretty standard for a vast majority of loopers. It also seem more intuitive and allows to be more accurate on timing

Yup. You can get stop on press … as long as you are ok with hearing a second of sound when clearing a song. There’s a setting today that forces a trade-off between that noise and stop on-release.

I’d love SS to solve the core issue, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. Until then it’s an unfortunate design tradeoff … that you can choose between via a setting.

IMHO, Aeros needs to figure out a way to access all the secondary actions (e.g, delete all tracks, delete current track, unmute now, unmute at EOL) that does not interfere with the on-press buttons and whether or not the Aeros is playing or stopped. Easier said than done.

This will be solved once we implement the hands free mode

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